HHT Guarantee

I guarantee once you book your HHT I will be available for your needs as I am very aware of the stresses and time pressures you are under. I have worked with hundreds of military members over the years arriving for their House Hunting Trip and one of the common complaints they have had about prior HHT’s with other agents, is the agent was not at their disposal which caused them undue stress.

You will see as many homes as you wish to see in the initial first few days so you will be able to hopefully make some decisions by day two or three, after negotiating a home purchase I will assist in organizing all the follow up that is required concerning inspections, lawyers, mortgage brokers, insurance, etc. You will receive any other information such as maps, newspapers, school information, etc., you need prior, during and after your home purchase.

I really do try to understand the stresses you face when you have been posted. I have tremendous respect for military members.

The other positive aspect is you now have an excellent agent to work with if you are posted again – my systems of organization and my internet marketing are second to none.

Integrity counts with me, so let me know in advance when you are arriving so we can be well prepared for your arrival!