Why should you consider working with me?

  • You get my personal attention, you are not passed off to someone else.
  • I am completely familiar with all the paperwork required.
  • I have filled in hundreds of market pricing reports and updates required by the relocation company.
  • I can help you find a real estate agent in your new location if need be. I know many real estate agents across the country, especially in and around the military bases.
  • I make sure I communicate with you a lot. Plus you hear from me, not other real estate agents on a team.
  • I continually provide you with updates if your house is not selling.
  • I provide you with feedback on showings so we know what may be improved upon, or if the price is too high. (Obviously we try to price the house right to start with but market places change on a continuous basis.)
  • I advertise a lot, and that is really important. You want and need maximum exposure. Along with our other massive advertising strategies, this website generates thousands of hits and unique visitors.
  • I negotiate with your interests in mind.
  • I know how to handle inspection issues because I’ve been there time and time again.
  • I communicate well with other real estate agents in order to get your home sold.
  • I’m really good at what I do, and I work very hard on your behalf!