My relationship with clients starts with covering aspects of buying a home. As part of this plan we cover all the expenses involved as well as information about the marketplace.

I strive to serve as my clients’ personal real estate advisor. By assuming this role, I co-ordinate all activities involved with buying a home to ensure you have as stress free an experience as possible. If required, I also tap into my own network of preferred partners (i.e. lawyers, bankers, building inspectors, etc).

Service and knowledge are a key component to the purchase of your home. Strategies such as educating you properly, daily home searches and a prudent use of a 14-year network are incorporated.

The purchase of your home is monitored on an ongoing basis after a contract is negotiated. I’ll guide you through all the conditions of the agreement and ensure all time lines are followed.

I make myself as accessible to clients as possible. All telephone calls are returned the same business day, either personally or by my Administrator.

I believe that my best client is one who is fully informed. As a result, I have a strong commitment to client communication through phone calls and e-mails, as well as a regular contact about homes that come for sale.

My business thrives on personal recommendations so my ultimate goal is to have done such an exceptional job selling you a home, you’ll continue to refer my services to everyone you know requiring real estate representation!